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We’ve grown up loving everything about what clothes, jewelry, and shoes can do for someone. Fashion is more than a trend or a brand. After volunteering at a refugee group during college, I (Anna) watched as the eyes of a little girl lit up when bringing her a new shirt or the way I watched her stand a little taller when she put it on for the first time. I (Shelby) have been every size in the book and have been able to use my clothing as a way to express myself and feel confident in who I am. To us, fashion is about allowing women to feel beautiful, confident, and seen in whatever they choose to wear. We are all different, we are all different sizes, and we all have different styles - BUT we are all beautiful and all worthy. If all we can do is find one person the perfect piece for a first date, girls’ trip, anniversary, work occasion, or just something they get to wear at home and still feel confident, then we know we’ve done our job. When shopping at our store, we hope you know the most important thing:


Your Friends,

Anna and Shelby

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